SpinDeck Max (Black)
SpinDeck Max (Black)

Andover Audio SpinDeck Max (Black)

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Product Description

SpinDeck MAX is a fully automatic turntable, so with the flick of a start/stop switch, the tonearm will automatically lift and start playing at the beginning of the record. Then, the tonearm will lift automatically and return to its resting place at the end of the record.

The SpinDeck MAX is made to Andover Audio’s specifications in Germany by the same company that manufactures the long-established Dual turntables. It’s a company with 60+ years of experience building turntables, so it’s no fly-by-night operation.

This experience is evident when you look at the SpinDeck MAX up close and check out its construction. It has a thick (but lightweight) MDF plinth and rubber isolation feet to soak up surface vibrations.

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