Pink Floyd - Animals (Box Set - LP, CD + DVD)
Pink Floyd - Animals (Box Set - LP, CD + DVD)

Pink Floyd Pink Floyd - Animals (Box Set - LP, CD + DVD)

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Super deluxe set includes 180gm vinyl LP pressing, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray in hard book cover. The iconic 1977 Pink Floyd album has been remixed for the first time by James Guthrie. 

Animals is a concept album, focusing on the social-political conditions of mid-1970s Britain, and was a change from the style of the band's earlier work. The album was developed from a collection of unrelated songs into a concept that describes the apparent social and moral decay of society, likening the human condition to that of animals. Taking inspiration from George Orwell's Animal Farm, the album depicts the different classes of people as animals with pigs being at the top of the social chain, dropping down to the sheep as the mindless herd following what they are told, with dogs as the business bosses getting fat on the money and power they hold over the other.

Although it's been a long time since 1977, the narrative of the album still resonates today as our social and economic situation mirrors that of the time.