High Fidelity Vinyl - Canadian premier destination for vintage electronics

High Fidelity Vinyl is a leading online destination in Canada for vintage electronics.

Our small but driven team team has a deep passion for the allure of vintage walkmans, turntables or CD players.



In the convenience-driven world of digital consumption, there's a comforting nostalgia in connecting with analog technology. It offers a respite from the overwhelming pace of modern life, encouraging a more deliberate and hands-on approach.

At High Fidelity Vinyl, we believe in preserving and cherishing these timeless products. Rather than allowing them to remain forgotten, we breathe new life into each piece through meticulous restoration. Our goal is to deliver products that give our customers an authentic experience that stands the test of time.


Vintage restored Sony Walkman WM-FX202

Fully restored Sony Walkman WM-FX202 was originally manufactured in 2023.


Modern technology is designed with disposability in mind, lacking the durability and repairability of older counterparts. However, we firmly believe there's a growing appreciation among younger generations for the craftsmanship and longevity found in vintage items.

We value the character and history embedded in older technology, seeking out products that offer a tangible connection to the past rather than opting for short-lived, mass-produced alternatives.

This trend reflects a cultural shift towards sustainability and a desire to embrace items that can be cherished and maintained for generations to come.

At our vintage audio business, we cater to this audience by offering carefully restored electronics that not only perform admirably but also stand as symbols of enduring quality and craftsmanship.

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