About Us

High Fidelity Vinyl is an online vinyl store, local to Toronto. 

We are the first authorized Canadian retailer of Andover Audio, We Are Rewind cassette players and Mulann walkmans from the french cassette company Recording The Masters (RTM).


We only sell new vinyl, factory sealed, supplied by some of the largest suppliers in North America and Europe.


We sell love Music Hall and Gemini products, we totally are fans and fully support what these two brands are doing. 

Portable Cassette Players

We are SO hyped about the resurgence of cassette medium and LOVE that new players include modern technology like rechargable batteries and bluetooth connectivity to headphones. We are SO PROUD to carry 🙌 We Are Rewind 🙌 and 🙌 Retrospekt 🙌 brands because we truly believe in what they're doing.


We have a selection of vintage original cassettes and a selection of blank tapes, for those who like to make their own recordings. 


We're doing this bcos we're music fanatics.


We hope you enjoy our selection and see you on the other side of checkout.