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Multi award-winning SpinBase & SpinBase Max

Andover Audio created the original SpinBase™ system to deliver satisfying sound from your turntable – without all the fuss of a component audio system. It was quickly declared “Editors’ Choice,” “Top Pick,” and “Best.”

With SpinBase Max they took the big next step: delivering a version with Bluetooth input and output, more power, and larger bass drivers to match. SpinBase MAX turntable speaker system is perfect for a music lover’s first system, an audiophile’s second system, for college students looking to outfit a dorm room, or anyone who wants amazing sound in an elegant configuration.

SpinBase & SpinBase Max

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SpinDeck 2 & SpinDeck Max

SpinDeck 2 features a built-in phono preamp, making it compatible with virtually any system. However, with just a flip of the switch, the preamp is easily bypassed for use with systems that do not require it, like the Andover SpinBase and SpinBase MAX.

SpinDeck Max is made in German factory with over 60 years of expertise in high-end turntables and it has been celebrated by Rolling Stone and Tech Hive. It is essentially a high-end record player designed to plug-and-play straight out of the box. Put an LP or 45 on the platter, set the speed, flick the lever to “Start,” and the turntable takes care of the rest, lifting the tone arm and dropping the needle to begin play and returning it to rest and shutting off when the vinyl has finished playing.

SpinDeck 2 & SpinDeck Max

Powered Subwoofers

  • SpinSub - Black
    Andover Audio
    Prezzo di listino £312.00 GBP
    Prezzo di listino Prezzo scontato £312.00 GBP
  • Andover-One Subwoofer
    Andover Audio
    Prezzo di listino £750.00 GBP
    Prezzo di listino Prezzo scontato £750.00 GBP
  • Fornitore:
    Andover Audio
    Prezzo di listino £312.00 GBP
    Prezzo di listino Prezzo scontato £312.00 GBP



Desktop Audio

So, what is a SpinSystem?

SpinSystem is when you combine 2 or more products from Andover Spin family.

The most common SpinSystem combo is a SpinDeck Max turntable + SpinBase Max speaker. These two are made for each other and make a great solution for all vinyl enthusiasts.

And when you're ready to give your sounds some bass kick, you can add SpinSub as all three of these products are designed to go together.


30 Day Home Trial

We provide customers 30 days to audition products in their home. 

How it works:

You may return products that are complete and like new for any reason within 30 days of original purchase.

More details here.

2-Year Warranty

Andover Audio warrants products against manufacturing defects and workmanship to the initial purchaser for a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery to customer. Andover Audio will repair or replace the unit as necessary to restore proper operation.

This warranty covers both parts and labor for the warranty period. The warranty excludes physical damage caused by accident or abuse outside of our control. It also excludes turntable belts and phono-cartridge styli.

No import fees or international shipping costs

When you purchase Andover products from us, there are no additional import / duties fees or astronomical costs of international shipping.

All of the Andover products sold through us have already been processed by our customs brokers and approved to be sold in Canada.

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