About Klarna Payments

What is Klarna

Klarna is an international company that offers "buy now, pay later" (BNPL) services allowing shoppers to make purchases from online retailers and physical stores without paying the entire amount upfront.

Consumers can pay for their purchases in four interest-fee instalments charged every two weeks or pay the entire amount within 30 days. 

How does Klarna work?

We partnered with Klarna to make it easy to split your purchase into manageable payments. The first payment is made at the checkout and the remaining payments are collected every 2 weeks.

Products Eligibility for Klarna Purchases

Klarna payments are available for new products only.

It is the smoothest way to get what you want today and pay for it over time. Split your purchase into 4 payments, and avoid fees when you pay on time.

Order cancellations for Klarna purchases

We pay Klarna 7% from each purchase so that our customers can enjoy interst-free delayed payments option. This is why there is a non-refundable 7% fee in case of the order cancellation. If you wish to cancel your order paid through Klarna, please refer to our cancellation policy before doing so.

Klarna payments should not be selected when purchasing vintage refurbished products like walkmans, blank cassettes or refurbished CD players. Each vintage product page has a clearly displayed warning about this.

We can not disable this option for you at the checkout,  but please know that even if the purchase initially goes through, it will be cancelled with a 7% cancellation fee.