Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance

We offer our customers shipping insurance through Route Package Protection, at additional cost. The purpose of it is to protect your shipment from porch theft or loss or damage to merchandise during shipping.

Your parcel is insured only if you opted to purchase the additional Package Protection from Route.

How does it work?

Route Package Protection is pre-selected by default in the cart and we recommend keeping it. Shipping insurance is no longer free with any shipper, so the purpose Route Package Insurance of it is to ensure you will receive refund or replacement in case of porch theft, loss or damage in transit.

If you choose to opt out of Route Package Protection, you agree to waive any claim to refund or replacement if the shipment is stolen, lost or damaged in transit.


What to do if your purchase is stolen, arrived damaged or lost in transit. 

    If your purchase was stolen, lost in transit or you received a damaged item, please follow these steps.

    You can also contact us at to start the damage claim for you.