Delivery Info


Our responsibility

Our responsibility is to safely deliver the goods you purchased to the address you indicate in your order details. We do this with the help of our shipping partners ChitChats, Intelcom, Sendle, Canada Post and UPS couriers.


Your responsibility

Your responsibility is to provide the accurate shipping address with your order and inform us of any specific delivery details that we should know about.


Delivery FAQs

Where do I find the tracking link?

  • When the purchase is ready for shipment, you will receive an automatic email with the tracking link.
  • The tracking link will also appear on the original purchase confirmation page.


What do I do if the tracking link shows parcel delivered but I can not find it?

Inform us immediately that you have not received the item. When you inform us that your parcel has not been delivered, we will start an investigation with our delivery partner. The investigation can last between 1-5 business days and if the delivery partner can not provide the proof of delivery in form of a photo, we will start a lost parcel claim and you will receive the full refund.

What happens if there is a proof of delivery but I can still not find my parcel?

If your parcel is showing as delivered AND the proof of delivery (a photo) has been provided, it is possible that your package was stolen from your doorstep. This situation falls outside of our delivery guarantee however, you may still be eligible for partial refund. Please contact us via email with your order number and the details of your situation and we will try to help you.


What do I do if the parcel arrived damaged?

You are 100% covered in case of a damaged package. Here's what to do:

  • If your package arrived damaged, you have 3 days to inform us of the damages.
  • Take photos of the package as well as the damaged goods. The more detailed the photos, the faster it is to process the replacement.
  • Send us an    email with your order number and the photos of damages
  • It is crucial that the damages are reported within 3 days of receipt - this helps us combat fraud and allows us to provide immediate help to the customers in need.
  • You will receive a free replacement. In case the same item is no longer available in our store, you will receive the full refund.


What do I do if the tracking link shows no updates?

If the tracking link shows no updates and it's passed the estimated delivery time, please contact us and we will will start the inquiry. With some of our courier partners (i.e. Sendle) you will have the ability to initiate the investigation yourself. Please check your tracking page for available options and let us know if you need help from us.


What do I do if I can not be at home during estimated delivery days?

  • If your order has not yet shipped, we can make alternate arrangements or change the delivery address for you.
  • However, once the order has shipped, we are not allowed to make changes or alternate delivery arrangements
  • The courier will deliver the package to your door and once the order has shipped it is your responsibility to make any necessary arrangements to ensure your package is received.


What do I do in case of an unsuccessful delivery attempt?

In rare instances that the courier can not make the delivery we can step in to investigate what caused the failed delivery attempt.


How to avoid unsuccessful delivery

  • Make sure the delivery address is complete and correct 
  • Make sure your delivery address is not a PO Box 
  • Monitor your delivery tracking link - couriers have phone numbers listed on their tracking pages in case this occurs

If the delivery is not successful, the courier will automatically ship it back to us for return. At this point, we will have to wait to receive the return delivery details before we can refund your order.